16 June 2016

Reduction linocuts

I’ve been able to try a lot of new things this year. I’ve learned how to print on fabric, how to sew bags and pouches, and I’ve tried reduction linocuts.

My normal linocuts are designed so they can be printed again and again, like stamps. I usually use black ink, as I like the pop-artiness it achieves when you colour it in with paint.

I recently visited an exhibition of Kate Hudson‘s work, a local linocut artist whose works are amazingly colourful and intricate. I love her Australian birds and flowers.

I was interested to know how she produced these and I read up on reduction linocuts – a technique where layers are cut away after each colour is printed. I found this guide from Natalia Moroz, which was very helpful. It’s tricky to get your head around what to cut in what order!

I’ve tried to produce some of these over the past few weeks and while they are nowhere near the delicate designs of Kate, I’ve at least managed to make something a bit pretty and very different from what I’ve been doing.

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